Rwanda: The Land of a Thousand Hills


I have recently been presented with an incredible opportunity to gain first hand international experience. Never Again Rwanda, an African non-governmental organization, has offered me an internship as a Campaign Advocacy Advisor at their headquarters in Kigali, Rwanda. The internship would span four months from January- May 2010. The scope of my work is to develop a handbook for the FPA (Focus, Pressure, & Action) Initiative. The handbook details ways to reach out to the government concerning issues that affect secondary students in Rwanda. It explains various methods such as petitions, peaceful rallies, debates, radio talks, and greater public awareness. The handbook is vital to clarifying the goal of the FPA Program and to expand its effectiveness.

Due to the fact that I have to personally fund this internship (including transportation, accommodation, food, and in-country travel), my ability to participate in this amazing opportunity depends on the money I can raise. Therefore, I welcome any donations to help fund my trip. I assure you that any donation would be greatly appreciated.

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